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Beauty benefits of wild berries

Le 15 septembre 2017, 11:39 dans Humeurs 0

Delightfully pretty, sweet, tempting, delicious, irresistible… are wild berries. Edible wild berries are small, yet powerful. They are popular not only as health food but also as beauty food for owing to their many beauty benefits. After all, what is good for health is also good for looks. So include wild berries in your diet and explore their beauty benefits.

Good skin, nails and healthy hair growth are signs of good health whereas falling hair or poor skin and nail conditions may indicate poor health conditions.

And wild berries, according to science and ancient wisdom, are said to be good for the hair, eyes and the skin.

Beauty benefits of wild berries


Blueberries are highly nutritious and sweet in taste. It is rich in fibre, Vitamin C and K and manganese. Owing to its sweetly delicious taste, one can easily get addicted to it. Addiction to it can cause health problems, but when taken in moderation, it is good for the hair and skin. It is said to protect against cell degeneration, early ageing and control weight gain.


Bright red when riped, small, sweet and succulent raspberry is rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Daily intake of it helps improve health condition and improves skin condition and eyesight.


Ripe blackberry is small but fleshy and sweet in taste. It has low calories, high dietary fibre, Vitamin C and K. It also has phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals, which antioxidant compounds reduce the risk of early ageing and prevent degenerative diseases.


Strawberry also is rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin C and healthy minerals. Owing to the polyphenolic and antioxidant content in it, strawberries strengthen the immune system and prevent degeneration diseases and early ageing.


Green gooseberry trees grow wild and tall and a tree can bear hundreds of gooseberries. Rich in Vitamin C, the green berry has many health benefits which sparkle up the eyes and improves vision, boost hair growth and skin condition.

These wild berries, owing to its high nutritional and medicinal purpose, they are cultivated in large scale in many countries across the world. And they are available not only in farms and also in backyards and in markets. Include them in your daily diet and enjoy their succulent and delicious tastes and beauty benefits.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | plus size wedding dresses

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid steal the show as Alexander Wang takes over Brooklyn street

Le 11 septembre 2017, 10:59 dans Humeurs 0

The fourth day of Fashion Week saw Alexander Wang close off a dead-end street in Brooklyn to present his latest collection, an ode to New York and a new look at some of his signature stylistic elements.

By the time the big bus arrived at Scott Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn late Saturday night, the crowd had been waiting for an hour or more behind metal barriers in the street, rows of people jockeying for a decent view, some even perching on garbage dumpsters. It wasn’t a good night to be claustrophobic. Or short.

When the bus doors opened, some of Alexander Wang’s favorite models from over the years stepped out and strutted down the dead-end street. They didn’t do a customary finale, and the entire thing lasted five minutes.

Wang has chosen unusual locations for his runway shows before; in 2014, he held one at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on a frigid February night, setting up some major traffic jams that were recounted on Twitter, with one person comparing it (unfavorably) to New Jersey’s Bridgegate. The weather was fine on Saturday, but there was some frustration for those who didn’t get to see the models very well.

But you can’t say the venue wasn’t evocative — and different. Wang explained afterward that he was going for a sort of thank-you tour of New York locales that were significant to him. Before arriving in Brooklyn, the bus of models had made two other stops in downtown Manhattan, performing the show for the public.

“This was really about giving back to New York,” said the designer, who spent three years splitting his time between New York and Paris when he was creative director at Balenciaga until 2015, and has said it was liberating to be back in New York fulltime. At a moment, he said, when some are questioning the role of New York in fashion — a number of labels have moved their shows to Paris — he wanted to emphasize his love for the city.

“The great thing about New York is that it enables you to do whatever you wish, if you want to, to break free a little and do something different,” he said. “It’s not rigid, it’s not formulaic.”

After a number of collections in which he tried new and different techniques, Wang said his focus this time was going back to the basics, and finding new reasons to fall in love with them.

“Sometimes the audience isn’t ready to move so fast,” he said. “People may want something new, but what they are comfortable with, what they react to, what feels immediate, is things that have been around for a very long time — like denim, sweats, cargo pants, sportswear. So I wanted to take those things and give you a new reason to fall in love with it.”

An example, he said, was taking a white T-shirt dress and twisting it, adding a bit of embellishment, or taking a men’s trouser and tying it with a leather cummerbund. “Or taking a dress and layering it three times, so it’s one-stop shopping,” he added.

One whimsical theme was the use of extra sleeves everywhere, especially around the waist, for a sash-like effect over trousers or skirts. Jackets, seemingly cut in half, turned into skirts. There were also cutoff jean short shorts over tight leather pants.

Wang said he’d had fun turning back to elements like zippers and studs, and exploring them in new ways. A pair of leather pants had one entire leg covered with studs. Several pairs of trousers had extra zippers in intriguing places.

There were also references to Wang’s collaboration with Adidas, as in an athletic jacket with extra sleeves as a belt, emblazoned with the familiar three stripes.

And there were party headpieces, designed by expert milliner Stephen Jones. One, worn by model Kendall Jenner, said “Wangover.” (Jenner’s half-sister, Kim Kardashian, was on hand to watch the show, with her mother, Kris Jenner.)

“I wanted this collection to be about optimism, playfulness,” Wang said. “You go into your closet and just play dress-up. Maybe you don’t know where to go or what to do, but putting on the clothes and styling yourself inspires you to do something.”Read more at:lace wedding dresses | wedding dresses

How Gabs Gibbs Stays Warm and Cozy During Colder Days

Le 31 août 2017, 09:16 dans Humeurs 0


When she’s not busy with school work in Australia, Gabs Gibbs is giving us inspiration for the erratic weather we’re having in the Philippines. It might be a bit colder where she is but the idea of her outfit could definitely work for your next look.


She went for a neutral palette of black, white, and gray. She also wore sneakers and ankle socks, keeping her ensemble casual and comfortable. The statement piece of her look is the long coat she wore over her T-shirt and trousers. The coat might be too heavy for the climate here but we’re giving you another alternative that might work better.


If you’re loving Gabs’ look as much as we are, here are some pieces you can get to achieve it.


H&M Short T-shirt


Gabs started off with a basic white T-shirt. This one from H&M is slightly cropped and has a pocket as well. It is made of jersey material and has sewn cuffs for added design.


Forever 21 Wool Beret


For headwear, Gabs decided to throw on a beret. This is a great way to make any outfit look chic while keeping your hair fixed. This one is made of wool and has a top tassel detail.


Christian Wijants Longline Cardigan


In this photo, Gabs is seen wearing a long coat but for the weather in the Philippines, it might be better to go for a lighter option. A long cardigan is a perfect alternative to this outerwear piece. This one is gray and features a ribbed hem and cuffs, and two front pockets.


Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top


Keeping things casual and comfortable, Gabs went for black sneakers. Grab this similar pair from Converse that has a suede finish. Pair it with white ankle socks just like Gabs.


Zara Leggings with Side Stripes


Following the neutral color palette, she paired her outfit with black trousers. They seem to be a bit fitted and have a black panel of fabric along the sides. These leggings from Zara have a similar stripe going down the leg but in white.


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