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Ten mistakes all millennial brides make

Le 24 octobre 2016, 08:41 dans Humeurs 0

SECONDS after the question is popped and you’ve shed happy tears over finally being engaged, you may wonder to yourself, “What am I supposed to do next?”

As a brand-new bride-to-be, you’ll have a burning urge to try and do everything at once. You’ll want to book your venue, pick your date, and put a deposit down for every single vendor in town, all in the first 48-hours of sporting your glistening new ring.

So while you scurry your way through wedding planning and begin the journey down the aisle, you’ll want to try and avoid some common mistakes that millennial brides before you have made, again and again.

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Here are the top 10 and how to avoid them.


As a bride-to-be, you’ll see things you want so badly you are willing to pay almost anything for them. Hold on tightly to your wallet and try not to drain your savings account paying for the wedding of your dreams.

Wondering how that’s possible? It’s simple. Set a budget early on and promise yourself you won’t go a cent over. What’s at stake if you do? Well, how about a honeymoon or a down payment on a new house? Negotiate with vendors and find deals whenever you can.


Planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming, but it can also be something you find yourself paying a lot of money to have someone else do for you.

If you want to fork over a lot of cash to have a professional handle the details, you can opt in to doing that. Otherwise, save your cash and carve out a couple of hours of week to plan your dream day all by yourself.


As a bride-to-be, you’ll be eager to get your hands on any and all information about what you need to do and when you need to do it by. You may even find yourself sucked in to scrolling through Instagram pages and Pinterest boards of wedding companies or past-brides that you strive to emulate.

But cut your time online in half, and spend more time offline meeting with vendors and narrowing down decisions based on what you want, and not what everyone else has.


Your wedding might be a day you’ve dreamt of since you were a kid. But just because it’s a very special day doesn’t mean it’s a day that should be absolutely perfect.

No matter how many times you review your to-do list and make sure everything is running smoothly, things will go wrong and when they do, it’s important to stay calm.


After you get engaged, take a couple of weeks to celebrate before rushing into wedding planning and details. When it comes time to make decisions, don’t rush into anything. Spend time doing research, meeting with vendors, and negotiating prices.


With hashtags and live-streaming becoming trends at wedding, it’s easy to get lost in social media when your special day arrives. If you want your wedding to be told as a story online, put the task in the hands of your guests to take care of, so you can be phone free for the night.


Your wedding should feel modern and personal. If there are old school traditions that you don’t understand or want as a part of your wedding, kick them to the curb and don’t feel like you have to have them as part of your big day.


Trade the something new for the something old whenever you can. Consider buying a used dress or even borrowing recycled wedding decorations to save money. There are many online resources you can thumb through to help you save money by buying somebody else’s something new.


Opinions will be flying your way from all over, whether they come from friends, family members, or even past brides. When you’re planning your wedding and making key decisions, stick to your gut and limit how much outside chatter you find yourself getting into.


When your wedding day finally comes around, keep your eyes wide open and your feet on the dance floor. Simply put, enjoy yourself. Let nothing else matter and have the best day of your life beside the love of your life.

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Le 18 octobre 2016, 11:37 dans Humeurs 0

Buuut it turns out there are a few nifty tricks you can do to reinvent your bridesmaid dresses so you’ll actually want to wear them repeatedly. Rebecca Lau Marsh, Founder and General Manager ofWhite Runway, has got some killer tips to get those babies back into regular rotation. What’s better? They’re also SUPER easy (TG!).

Here’s what to do when….

1. Your dress is too long and formal. If your bridesmaid dress is a floor length gown type sitch Marsh recommends bringing up the hem, transforming it into a sexy (and wayyyyy more useful) cocktail dress.

“Some girls may love their bridesmaid dress but will often not wear it again because they don’t have a formal occasion to attend to,” Marsh explains. “Hemming the dress will give it a new life and will make it more appropriate to wear to semi-formal or cocktail events.”

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When to come to how much to take up, Marsh advises, “starting off with a midi hem (just below the knee) for form-fitting dresses, and then you can determine if you need to go shorter. For long and flowing silhouettes, aim for a hem that sits just above the knee.”

Unless you really know what you’re doing behind a sewing machine, Marsh suggests taking your dress to an alterations specialist and remember to shop around to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

2. The colour isn’t working for you. While you might not be stoked with the colour of your bridesmaid dress (‘cause, let’s be honest, not everyone suits canary yellow), it doesn’t mean it’s is a complete right-off. Marsh recommends revamping your dresses by giving it a good ol’ dye.

If you’re down for a DIY job, it’s worth noting that the kind of dye you use will vary depending on the fabric. “iDye can be purchased at various craft retailers and has different dye formula for natural fabrics, poly fabrics and also for items that need to be laundered frequently,” Marsh explains. “Polyester may need to be dyed twice to achieve a deep, rich colour.”

Before going all-out with the dye, Marsh recommends doing a spot-test first to see how the colour turns out when mixed with the dress’s existing hue.

3. When it feels just a little ‘blah’. If you’re dress’s length and colour are A-Okay but you’re just not feeling it, why not try adding some glam factor by switching up your accessories and makeup game.

“Change up the belt or add a brooch – this will completely alter the look of your dress,” Marsh says. For example, if you’ve got a traditional floral or pastel style dress, Marsh recommends adding a metal belt to take the look from day to night, or opting for a statement necklace ‘to add drama to the neckline and get your once-feminine bridesmaid dress looking party ready!”

Alternatively, mix up your look in a more subtle way by adding a sexy cateye or a coat of colour-pop nail polish and you're good to go.

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The Ex at Her Wedding

Le 14 octobre 2016, 09:43 dans Humeurs 0

Everyone in Sade’s life referred to Alex as ‘the ex’ because he was the only one who had mattered. At the time, it seemed like he was the one who got away. She just stopped hearing from him one day, and that was it. Four years of her love and devotion wasted. She always talked about him to anyone who would listen.

So why was she wasting time in a prayer room with Alex from seven years ago, when her David was waiting for her at the altar? David, the vibrant, selfless man she was marrying, had shown her what it meant to love and be loved. He was so vested in making sure she got everything she wanted. He had planned everything with the help of Bridestead, so she didn’t have to lift a finger.

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Listening to Alex beg for her forgiveness, gave her the closure she needed and to Alex’s shock, Sade who had once groveled for him, coolly thanked him and asked him to stay for the wedding. She was certain she made the right choice.

Throughout the ceremony, every now and then, Sade would remember the ex at her wedding, pinning over what he had lost, wishing it was him she glided and danced towards, in her beautiful wedding gown which she had RENTED from Bridestead.

Bridestead, the bridal store and showroom located in Lekki Phase 1. stocking an endless selection of beautiful bridal dresses, party gowns and gorgeous accessories for sale and RENT at a fraction of their prices!

Stunning wedding rings with intricate detail are also available at Bridestead, so you can seal your promise of love with a symbolic and eye-catching wedding ring from us!

Future brides and party goers can get excited about shopping because Bridestead is set out to make finding the perfect dress fun, easy and affordable! Bridestead is offering a 10% discount to our customers when they shop our store on weekends!

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