Weddings can cause a lot of stress. There are a lot of moving parts that the bride and groom can’t forget about.

What food should be served? What are the wedding colors? Is it all in the budget?

Baright Public Library held “Wedding Tips 101” on Friday night to help answer all those questions and more.

Baright helps ease wedding stress with panel discussion

Images: bridal dresses

A panel of local wedding experts were on hand to help brides, mothers and even fathers of the bride get an idea of what they needed to get done before the big day.

“It’s kind of nice to have the opportunity to talk to the experts,” Bairght’s director Francine Canfield said. “Each wedding is always different, but weddings change and customs change. We are giving the best insider tips.”

Below are tips to help make preparing for a wedding a little easier:

• When it comes to food, the bride and groom should get what they want, not what everyone else wants, Hy-Vee caterer Jolene Sedlacek said.

“If you have a favorite thing, you get your favorite thing,” she said.

Food is also one of the bigger costs of a wedding, Sedlacek said, and it is always easier when a bride and groom come in with a budget the caterers have to work with. • Speaking of budgets, having that amount worked out and nailed down early makes it easier to do everything else, Vernetta Kosalka of The Wedding Planner Omaha said.

“That way, at least you have a sense of reality,” she said. “Everything starts with a budget.”

Kosalka said an average wedding in the metro area costs roughly $46,000, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to spend that much.

• When it comes to a wedding venue, make sure everyone can get to it, Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce President Amy Roeder said.

“Make sure the venue is easy and accessible for any and all family, the caterer and the florist,” she said.

Also, when the night is over, Roeder said everything will have to leave with the bride and groom, so don’t forget anything.

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