A bizarre video appears to show a bridesmaid being groped by a blindfolded guest at a wedding in China.

Footage shows the young woman in a purple dress being fondled by a man in a white shirt with white material stretched over his eyes.

The aim of the wedding party game is for the blindfolded man to identify which girl is before him.

At first he kneels on the floor putting his hands up her dress and roving liberally around her lower body before standing up and touching her breasts and behind.

The girl can be seen giggling at the antics and doesn't seem overly concerned by the man's exploratory hands.

However the Mandarin-speaking reporter in the news clip reveals the guest: 'Even touched the private parts of the girl'

The bridesmaid does occasionally bat him away playfully and holds onto her dress - and her modesty - and grins as he tries to grope her top half.

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On Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter, social media users expressed their alarm at such a sight.

‘Such wedding antics should be penalised!' one wrote, while another said, ‘Every bridesmaid should bring a body guard’

Popular Chinese news portal Sina attracted the following comments: ‘I would leave the wedding right away if I were the bridesmaid'; ‘He’s just taking the advantage’ and, ‘It has shown how outdated the local cultures are’.

A similar video emerged last year of a bridesmaid being molested in front of a jeering crowd at a Chinese wedding.

In the video, a man was seen putting his hand down a bridesmaid's dress.

Initially, the unidentified woman seemed amused while the crowd urged the man to 'Grope, grope grope' but she soon became embarrassed. Members of the crowd were even seen pulling her hands away to give the man more access.

The bridesmaid tried to hide her face behind her phone and later removed the man's hands.

This chain of events was allegedly a wedding party game where the man was 'looking for peanuts', which had fallen down the bridesmaid's dress.

However, this and similar antics are far from rare in certain parts of China.

Although the games are meant to add cheer and drive away evil spirits, they have become increasingly sexually explicit, with cases where victims are being stripped completely bare.

While those involved in the videos seem to find the incidents hilarious, Chinese web users have called for the pranks to be abandoned.

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