The couple met in a high school math class when Kait, as a middle schooler, skipped ahead two grades to take geometry. Brady, a sophomore, sat behind her in class, but they didn’t talk much. Secretly, he told his friends that he thought the shy eighth-grader was cute. “At the same time, my best friend and future maid of honor and I made lists of our ‘Top 10 Cutest High School Boys,’ and Brady was my No. 1 pick,” confides Kait.

WILL YOU WEAR MY JERSEY? Two years later, Brady finally built up the courage to ask Kait out, but she thought he was looking for a tutor. “I was shocked when he texted to ask me to wear his football jersey at an upcoming game! Eight-and-a-half years later, the rest is history!”

SWEET SERENADE Brady is a musician, and during a show at Ditmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, he concluded his set with an original song about Kait that ended with the refrain, “Marry me.” Brady left the stage, walked over to Kait, got down on a knee, took out a ring and proposed.


LET THEM EAT CAKE – LOTS OF IT! The bride and groom had six cakes. One was a Danish kransekake, a bride family tradition made of tiered circular layers. Brady had two groom’s cakes. One was shaped like a record player with “Domestic Blend” – his band's name – piped on the record label. The other was shaped like a guitar and decorated like the guitar the couple painted together when they first started dating.


DUTCH TREAT For the late-night snack, the couple served stroopwafels, Dutch cookies made by Brady’s family, in special little bags with tags explaining their significance as a groom family tradition.

FAMILY AFFAIR Both families pitched in to make the wedding perfect. Kait’s mom and sisters tied twine and eucalyptus to each wedding invitation and edged each program with gold paint. Kait’s grandmother put together welcome baskets for overnight guests. Brady’s mother decorated the arbor. “Overall, all our decor was a labor of love from the people closest to us.”

KNOCKING ON THE DOOR Brady turned a couple of old doors he bought for $20 into a reception seating chart display.

FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE Kait’s father came to the hotel room where Kait was waiting by herself before the ceremony. In a sweet, spontaneous moment, they danced and played air guitar to U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

SOMETHING BLUE, BORROWED & OLD Kait carried a clutch made from her grandfather’s tie. Inside was “something blue” – a handkerchief with a blue brooch that Brady’s grandmother had kissed with lipstick just before passing away earlier in the year. For her “something borrowed,” the bride wore a pinky ring from her Grandma Emilie, which originally belonged to Kait’s great-great-great-grandmother. The “something old” was a garter that Kait’s Grandma Shirley wore on her wedding day more than 50 years ago.

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