A COUPLE from Aberdeenshire were given a shock Ruby anniversary gift when their three daughters organised the lavish white wedding they’d always dreams of having.

Anne and Ian Kesterton tied the knot 40yrs ago at a registrars office in Turriff before having a small gathering at the Fife Arms Hotel in February 1977.

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But because money was so tight they could not even afford a white dress for Anne to wear.

However the couple’s dream day finally came true on Sunday when their daughters Veronica Largue, 34, Lynette Stephen, 36, and 39-year-old Teresa Ritchie revealed they’d splashed out on a lavish ‘vow renewal’ day for the couple’s anniversary back at the Fife Arms Hotel.

The whole day was kept secret until Anne – who like Ian, 70, believed they were being taken out for a meal – was told of the secret do and handed her white gown to put on.

Veronica, Lynette and Teresa, who were all given white weddings by their parents when they got hitched, then donned special pink dresses for themselves as they took on the role of bridesmaids.

And Ian, who met them at the hotel, was so stunned when Anne emerged in her outfit he burst into tears.

Delighted Anne said of her dress: “I was nervous opening it.

“I never got married in white so I didn’t know what it was like to wear a wedding dress.

“I was never interested in a big expensive wedding, I just wanted the dress.

“I was crying – I just couldn’t believe it.

“After helping organise all my daughters weddings, I took it to heart that I would never know what it was like myself.

“And because it was my 40th anniversary my daughters decided to do this.”

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