Lady Gaga once said "And now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time." Dress for Success, it could be said is changing the world one suit at a time.

This organization was founded with the purpose "to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty" via programs, a network of support, and something as basic, but important, as a new outfit to go out into the workforce.

At the annual Dress for Success New Orleans Suits and Salads Luncheon on May 12 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans Hotel, one of the speakers, Client of the Year Cheryl Butler, talked to the audience of more than 500 about how Dress for Success helped with her career and life path when she moved to New Orleans with her son, Montel Murry, after Hurricane Katrina. She now works at Strategic Staffing Solutions.

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The event's keynote speaker, Simone Bruni Crouere, founder of Demo Diva Demolition spoke about the challenges she faced starting her company and cited three women as her inspirations and mentors: her mother, Diane Bruni, Susan Ridgeway and Bonnie Boyd. She also asked the crowd to make an additional donation based on how much their shoes or whole ensemble cost. Her husband, Jeff Crouere, was in the audience, as were event chair and DFS/New Orleans President Meaghan Bonavita, accompanied by husband Joe Bonavita and her parents Bill and Pam Ryan, honorary Chair Mimi Robinson Rose with daughters Cece Colhoun and Muffy Turley,event co-chairs Shannon Brice, Ashley Kostmayer, Evie Poitevent Sanders and Allison Shapiro, auction chair Susan Garic Wallace, volunteer Chair Leigh Thorpe, Edward Butler (Cheryl Butler's father), Bently Graham, Cody Washburn, Michael Harold, Lil Penney, Gracie Goodrich, Susan Boyd, Sara Costello, Taylor Morgan, Meredith Strachan, Rhonda Sharkawy, Cody Thomas, Holley Haag, Ann Fuselier, Diane Riche, Cheryl Lemoine, Colleen Monaghan, Joyce Delery, Tiffany Fiore, Randi Hebert, Mohan and Nelpuha Koka, Yvette Pacaccio, Lynne Burkart, Lisa Roman, Jerri Cullinan,whose daughter, Julie Miller Hart was a past president and the event emcee, and Beverly Odon, who was honored as Volunteer of the Year.

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