Women from all around the world have the same dream: meet a guy, fall in love, and get married. The last thing on the list is probably the most special love if you’re into all that and they lived happily after…”scenario. Your wedding day is the one day in your entire life devoted to you, people come to celebrate you and your life and no matter how down-to-earth you may be, even if you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, you have to feel special.

Now, wedding day is very important, but your plus size bridesmaid dresses australia is simply irrepairable. What is it in that white gown that makes all women feel like the most beautiful creature in the whole universe? Is it the the white color which stands for humility, simplicity, pureness, cleanness, innocence, freshness, lightness, honesty, perfection.. Or is it the fact none else is wearing anything like that so you feel exceptional, outstanding, extraordinary and unique. Or is it the awareness you’re being promised to another human being for the rest of your life, who will hopefully love you, respect you, cherish you, be loyal to you. You promise the same to the other person wearing that beautiful, magical, enchanting dress. No wonder women give so much meaning to it.

Essentially the wedding dress symbolizes both the untouchable purity of a princess and the regal perfection of a queen. When a woman says, “I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day,” she is expressing an impulse to be exalted into the magnificent beauty of the princess and to exude the impression of an otherworldly goddess. When a woman understands that on her wedding day she is elevated to a spiritual state where her transformation can occur, thewedding dresses ceases to be merely an object that will help make her “look perfect” but rather can be utilized as an amulet to assist her during her rite of passage.

For most of history, the dress symbolized the end of a woman’s life as an individual and the beginning of her role as a dependent wife. Today the dress no longer symbolizes the death of individuality, but of singlehood. The rebirth is not one of dependent wifehood, but of mature partnership at a new level of commitment. When a woman crosses over the threshold into marriage, she is leaving behind her attachments to an identity that no longer fits. Wearing the white dress on her last day of being single is a profound and archetypal way of acknowledging and saying goodbye to this aspect of her life.

However, whatever way you choose to interpret the meaning and significance of a wedding dress, we hope you acknowledge how much importance this particular object of clothing may have in your future, when you look back at the day you got married. Even if the marriage fails, make sure you remember your navy bridesmaid dresses as the most fabulous thing you ever had to wear.