After three years of parting ways, fans of couple Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus could not keep their excitement when the two announced they were getting back in each other's arms. The two made it really official when they were seen attending the 2016 Power Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills.

Few months ago, the couple was reported to be engaged again when Cyrus, 23, was seen with a massive diamond ring on her finger. But this time, rumors have been circulating that the wedding has been cancelled, yet again.

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth just made it official; why Liam took Miley Cyrus back?

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International Business Times UK has reported that the reason behind this could be the difference in their personalities. As per the source, Hemsworth has reportedly find it hard to keep up with the singer's habits. "He can't keep up with her, and she's been finding life with him to be a snoozefest."

It has also been reported that the two celebrities had recently been fighting, according to Inquisitr. The fight allegedly involves the Hunger Games actor telling the singer to quit pot as he has been seeing her do this often. The source adds that Hemsworth has been annoyed with this habit of Cyrus.

Moreover, the insider also revealed that the fight came to the point when Cyrus started screaming at the 26-year old actor. "She was screaming at him, telling him he was holding her back and making her hide who she truly is." Additionally, the source said that the two are still upset and angry about the whole situation.

Although it was previously reported that the two are going to tie the knot really soon, fans are doubtful on whether this will happen this year. But still, fans of the couple are hoping they could resolve what could possibly lead to a breakup again.

They are not new with breakup rumors. Despite the issues surrounding them, other sources have reported that they are still together, and fans just have to wait for their official announcements, and maybe a sure wedding date in the near future.

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