Her big sis may be the one with the royal title, but when it comes to bridesmaid style, Pippa Middleton is the one who takes the crown. It's been five years since Pippa popped out of that limo outside of Westminster Abbey and shot to international fame. Sure, she wasn't the star of the show and spent the day holding and fluffing the bride-to-be's long luxe train, but didn't Middleton look just fabulous while doing so? Her Alexander McQueen white sheath (and royal good looks!) might have to do something with that. But if you've been lusting after that famous frock — good news! It's now 40 percent off! (And of course still super expensive...)

Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid Dress

Middleton's bridesmaid dress is now almost as famous as her older sister's, The Duchess of Cambridge, extravagant lace wedding dress. The clean and crisp frock featured a relaxed, curve-hugging silhouette, a chic row of buttons down its back, dainty floral detailing around the sleeves, and a memorable cowl neckline — all in a creamy white hue. In fact, the frock started a trend, with tons of brides opting to dress their 'maids in the snow white hue normally reserved for their own wedding dresses online australia. "It was completely unexpected," Middleton previously told Today of the world's reaction to the luxe look. "You know, I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train. I suppose [the reaction was] flattering... It's actually still in my wardrobe at home." Well now you can swipe that iconic dress right out of Middleton's closet — well, a lookalike piece, at least.

Although Middleton's bridesmaid dress was a custom creation (the lucky girl...), Alexander McQueen offers an almost-identical gown that has been marked down by 40 percent on the fashion retailer site Forward by Elyse Walker, according to Us Weekly, meaning this stunning sheath is now a total steal!

But before you start forwarding all of your 'maids the link and demanding that they dig out their credit cards ASAP, keep in mind that 40 percent off $2,565 (the dress' original price) is still $1,539 — a pretty hefty price tag for most bridal parties to take on.

Perhaps you're better off setting a more realistic budget for your bridesmaids' wonderful white dresses. Your girls will probably thank you. (Unless of course you're marrying a real-life Prince Charming — then by all means, shop on!)

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