Everyone in Sade’s life referred to Alex as ‘the ex’ because he was the only one who had mattered. At the time, it seemed like he was the one who got away. She just stopped hearing from him one day, and that was it. Four years of her love and devotion wasted. She always talked about him to anyone who would listen.

So why was she wasting time in a prayer room with Alex from seven years ago, when her David was waiting for her at the altar? David, the vibrant, selfless man she was marrying, had shown her what it meant to love and be loved. He was so vested in making sure she got everything she wanted. He had planned everything with the help of Bridestead, so she didn’t have to lift a finger.

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Listening to Alex beg for her forgiveness, gave her the closure she needed and to Alex’s shock, Sade who had once groveled for him, coolly thanked him and asked him to stay for the wedding. She was certain she made the right choice.

Throughout the ceremony, every now and then, Sade would remember the ex at her wedding, pinning over what he had lost, wishing it was him she glided and danced towards, in her beautiful wedding gown which she had RENTED from Bridestead.

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