In the age of the 'unique' wedding, couples are increasingly looking to popular site Pinterest for inspiration. And this year it's all about berry lips and blue suits, according to their 2017 wedding report.

When it comes to style in 2017, brides are ditching fussy up dos for natural hair styles (up 30 percent) and simple, polished chignons and buns (up 83 percent), while for make up it's all about pink eyeshadow and berry lips (up 71 percent and 45 percent respectively). Off the shoulder wedding dresses are seeing a huge pique in interest while for the boys, it's grooms in blue suits who are providing the Big Day inspiration (up 90 percent on last year).

Brides are choosing to go it alone in 2017 - foregoing bridesmaids in favour of a smaller bridal party. Dan O’Day photography

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The Taco Bar Riff

Food wise, 'drip cakes' have become the new naked cake, with searches for the sweets up over 400 percent since 2016. Couples also appear to be ditching the standard drinks reception in favour of more inventive ideas - DIY drink station ideas are being searched for 50 percent more than they were last summer while photos of food and drink pairings are seeing a 60 percent increase in the search field.

"The new direction of nuptials in 2017 is all about personalization and having fun, from printed bridesmaid dresses in lieu of mismatched solids, to the taco bar riff on family-style buffets," says the report published by Pinterest.

The greenery theme that was huge in 2016 has only become more popular over time, with brides and grooms seeking out some simple, budget-friendly decor such as greenery garlands and arches to decorate their venue - up 300 percent on last year.

The greenery trends is particularly popular for summer weddings, adding an element of DIY to wedding decor. Many of these ideas however can often be difficult to master and very time consuming to pull off, but nonetheless they prove popular with brides who are looking for a 'Pinterest perfect' wedding.

Will you not be my bridesmaids?

One of the more unusual trends gaining traction is the idea that less is more when it comes to the bridal party, with brides opting to forego maids for the Big Day. A post by Claire Byrne, Irish editor of international wedding blog Bridal Musings, on her reasons for not having a bridal party proved particularly popular, with interest in going it alone doubling since last year.

"I think in every way, brides and grooms are trying to lose a lot of the fuss and formality around weddings, and axing the bridal party is an easy way to do it," said Claire on her decision to not have bridesmaids for her wedding last year. "It doesn't mean you can't still involve your friends and siblings in your wedding, or have your hen or stag party, but by not creating tiers and giving certain guests 'titles', it allows everyone at your wedding to feel like they're an important part of your day."

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