We don't need to tell you this — there's nothing quite as chic as a wedding dress inspired by the classic French je ne sais quoi. Brides-to-be have been taking inspiration from the ever-stylish French girl since Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin both said I do to effortless wedding day looks. And if you're a bride-to-be looking for the mix of romance and cool that comes with Parisian chic, look no further than bridal shop The Mews. The mouther-daughter owned bridal shop is making wedding dress shopping absolutely effortless.

Originating in the village of Clifton near Bristol in England, The Mews has made a name for itself as the premiere destination for brides seeking Parisian style (think Delphine Manivet, Laure de Sagazan, and Rime Arodaky to name a few). Fear not, they are bringing all of this cool style stateside with the launch of their NYC boutique!

We chatted with The Mews owners, and mother-daughter duo, Lauren and Gail Crispin about all things bridal — from wedding dress trends for 2018, to how brides can look effortless on their wedding day and how to make your whole look more Parisian — and what it's like to work together as mother and daughter.

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What’s it like to work together as mother and daughter?

My mother and I have always been close, so having an excuse to spend more time with her is always a plus! It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with her on a professional level and really learn from her 20 plus years of experience. I can tell you there is nothing better than the accomplishments a mother-daughter team can achieve. We learn from each other daily.

What are the brides that come into The Mews asking for the most?

A Mews bride is looking for something that embodies who she is as a person. And I think this means that she doesn’t want an overdone or extravagant dress — she wants something more casual and cool to fit her personality. Our brides want to break away from the same old path of the traditional bridal look.

What do you see coming up for 2018 brides in terms of trends?

I think we’ll see 2018 as the year that bridal emulates fashion. The style will definitely be more fitted while playing with texture. Volume is out and showing off your shape is in.

We will also see layering as a must this season. On the long list of things French women have mastered, layering is close to the top. Putting a lace jacket, such as Rime Arodaky’s Drew (above), over a more simple top is a surefire way to achieve a cool-bride look.

How do your brides get that cool girl effortless vibe?

To get a cool girl, effortless vibe, brides need to break the mold of the traditional bridal looks. Balance the scale between tradition and modernism. Delphine Manivet does this so well! Its about luxe fabrication and fit is everything. For example, her dress Hyppolite, (above) is elegant in its simplicity – but it always highlights a girl’s natural beauty. What could be more effortless than that?!

How do you think brides looking to Parisian girls for style inspiration can get that look for their wedding day?

Like with any French style, less is definitely more and this also is reflected in our edit of Parisian designers. It’s the way they marry elegance with ease. Classicism with nonchalance. Don’t over do your bridal look or have too many accessories. Your guests want to see you; all the extras are just distractions.

How should brides-to-be prepare for their first wedding dress shopping experience?

Try to listen to your own style — trusting your instinct is essential. You know your style better than anyone. It can be difficult, but reduce how much advice you take on from friends and family.

Start things off concentrating on your personal style. Who are your favorite designers? What is it that you love about them? Think about your style icons. What about their look draws you in?

Your wedding gown should be a reflection of your everyday personal style, just kicked up a notch.

What should brides do to ensure they get the best fitting dress for them?

Be open-minded, trying on various silhouettes is a must. We recommend trying a wide variety of shapes and styles during your first appointment, even if they're ones that you're positive "aren't you." Once you find that a certain cut that is perfect for your shape, make sure to tell your stylist right away to make sure she keeps focus.

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