It makes every woman feel a million dollars and is the most expensive outfit many of us will ever buy – and yet it's only ever worn once. We're talking, of course, about wedding dresses.

They're often simply left to languish at the back of the wardrobe, where they're eaten by moths, or sold online. But what if there was a good reason to dust off all these dresses and don them one more time?

Images: bridal dresses

Well, today women across Ireland are doing just that for #WeddingDressWednesday.

They're wearing their wedding dresses while going about their daily lives to raise money to combat cancer.

Irish radio station Today FM came up with the idea as part of their charity campaign Dare To Care, which is raising money for the Irish Cancer Society.

"We want you to drag that wedding dress out of the back of the press, get it cleaned and wear it again (and get people to sponsor you a few bob to do it to make up for the shame of it all!)," they explain on their website.

They told women to "wear it with pride knowing that you are going to be part of something amazing" by raising money for charity.

"Get the ladies in your office involved so you're not alone, get your sisters and friends on board and don't pretend you don't want to put it on again and relieve all those happy memories!"

And who doesn't appreciate an excuse to get dressed up?

Unsurprisingly, the campaign has taken off on social media, with scores of women uploading photos of themselves in their special frocks at work and going about their daily lives.

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